Star Network All TV Channels List In India 2023

In the dynamic landscape of Indian television, Star TV Network has established itself as a prominent player, offering an impressive lineup of channels that cater to a diverse range of interests. With a blend of both high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD) channels, Star India ensures that viewers can immerse themselves in a world of entertainment that resonates with their preferences.

Star Network All TV Channels List

Unveiling the HD Experience:

Star TV Network brings the HD viewing experience to the forefront with a collection of high-quality channels that enhance your entertainment journey. Here's a glimpse of the HD channels available:

  1. Star Plus HD: Immerse yourself in a world of compelling stories and captivating drama with the flagship Star Plus HD channel.

  2. STAR Bharat HD: Tune in to STAR Bharat HD for a dose of vibrant Indian entertainment and cultural exploration.

  3. STAR World HD: Indulge in globally acclaimed series and international content on STAR World HD.

  4. STAR World Premiere HD: Stay ahead of the curve by catching premieres of the latest and greatest shows on STAR World Premiere HD.

  5. STAR Gold HD: For the movie buffs, STAR Gold HD brings the magic of Bollywood in high definition.

  6. STAR Gold Select HD: Elevate your cinematic experience with selective movie showcases on STAR Gold Select HD.

  7. STAR Movies HD: Dive into a world of movies spanning various genres with STAR Movies HD.

  8. STAR Movies Select HD: Indulge in a curated selection of movies on STAR Movies Select HD.

  9. STAR Sports1 HD: Sports enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite games in stunning detail on STAR Sports1 HD.

  10. STAR Sports2 HD: Get your sports fix on STAR Sports2 HD with a diverse range of sporting events.

  11. STAR Sports1 Hindi HD: Hindi-speaking viewers can relish sports action on STAR Sports1 Hindi HD.

  12. STAR Sports Select 1 HD: Experience sports like never before with expert commentary and analysis on STAR Sports Select 1 HD.

  13. STAR Sports Select 2 HD: A platform for in-depth sports coverage, STAR Sports Select 2 HD offers a holistic view of various games.

  14. Nat Geo HD: Satiate your curiosity about the world with high-definition documentaries on Nat Geo HD.

  15. Nat Geo Wild HD: Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom on Nat Geo Wild HD.

  16. Nat Geo People HD: Get a glimpse into diverse cultures and lifestyles on Nat Geo People HD.

  17. Fox Life HD: Enjoy lifestyle and travel content with a local touch on Fox Life HD.

  18. Baby TV HD: Nurture your child's development with engaging content on Baby TV HD.

  19. Nat Geo Music HD: Immerse yourself in the world of music and entertainment on Nat Geo Music HD.

  20. STAR Vijay HD: Connect with Tamil entertainment and culture on STAR Vijay HD.

  21. STAR Maa HD: Experience Telugu entertainment at its best on STAR Maa HD.

  22. STAR Maa Movies HD: Dive into a pool of Telugu blockbuster movies on STAR Maa Movies HD.

  23. STAR Suvarna HD: Karnataka's cultural essence comes alive on STAR Suvarna HD.

  24. STAR Pravah HD: Engage with Marathi entertainment and storytelling on STAR Pravah HD.

  25. STAR Jalsha HD: Tune in to STAR Jalsha HD for Bengali entertainment that resonates with the heart.

  26. Jalsha Movies HD: Experience Bengali cinema like never before on Jalsha Movies HD.

  27. Asianet HD: Stay connected to Malayalam culture and entertainment on Asianet HD.


Star India's SD channels offer a holistic entertainment experience for viewers who prefer the standard quality viewing experience. Here's a snapshot of the SD channels available:

  1. Star Plus: The flagship channel offers captivating stories and engaging entertainment for a wide audience.

  2. Life OK: Experience a diverse range of content on the Life OK channel.

  3. Channel V: Music and youth-centric content find a home on Channel V.

  4. Star Utsav: Relive classic shows and timeless entertainment on Star Utsav.

  5. Star World: Explore global content and acclaimed series on Star World.

  6. Star Gold: Bollywood lovers can revel in the magic of Indian cinema on Star Gold.

  7. Movies OK: Catch a variety of movies on the Movies OK channel.

  8. Star Utsav Movies: Enjoy a collection of classic movies on Star Utsav Movies.

  9. Star Gold Select SD: Curated movie showcases await you on Star Gold Select SD.

  10. Star Movies: Immerse yourself in a world of movies spanning genres on Star Movies.

  11. Star Sports 1: Sports enthusiasts can catch live action and analysis on Star Sports 1.

  12. Star Sports 2: Dive into a wide range of sporting events on Star Sports 2.

  13. Star Sports 1 Hindi: Hindi-speaking viewers can enjoy sports coverage on Star Sports 1 Hindi.

  14. Star Sports Select 1: Get insights and commentary on sports events on Star Sports Select 1.

  15. Star Sports Select 2: Experience in-depth sports coverage on Star Sports Select 2.

  16. Star Sports First: The first-ever private free-to-air sports channel, Star Sports First, brings sports closer to all.

  17. Nat Geo: Explore the wonders of the world through insightful documentaries on Nat Geo.

  18. Nat Geo Wild: Immerse yourself in the wild on Nat Geo Wild.

  19. Nat Geo People: Get a glimpse into unique cultures and lifestyles on Nat Geo People.

  20. Fox Life: Uncover lifestyle and travel content on Fox Life.

  21. Baby TV: Nurturing child development through engaging content, Baby TV is a delight for young viewers.

  22. Nat Geo Music: Experience the magic of music and entertainment on Nat Geo Music.

  23. Star Vijay: Tamil entertainment finds a platform on Star Vijay.

  24. Vijay Super: Dive into a world of Tamil entertainment on Vijay Super.

  25. Star Sports 1 Tamil: Tamil-speaking sports enthusiasts can enjoy sports action on Star Sports 1 Tamil.

  26. STAR Maa TV: Telugu entertainment takes centre stage on STAR Maa TV.

  27. Star Maa Movies: Experience the magic of Telugu cinema on Star Maa Movies.

  28. Star Maa Gold: Engage with Telugu entertainment on Star Maa Gold.

  29. Star Maa Music: Delight in Telugu music and entertainment on Star Maa Music.

  30. Star Suvarna: Karnataka's culture and entertainment come alive on Star Suvarna.

  31. Star Suvarna Plus: Explore additional flavours of Kannada entertainment on Star Suvarna Plus.

  32. Star Pravah: Marathi storytelling finds its home on Star Pravah.

  33. Star Jalsha: Connect with Bengali entertainment on Star Jalsha.

  34. Jalsha Movies: Experience the charm of Bengali cinema on Jalsha Movies.

  35. Asianet: Stay connected to Malayalam culture through Asianet.

  36. Asianet Plus: Explore diverse content on Asianet Plus.

  37. Asianet Movies: Malayalam cinema takes centre stage on Asianet Movies.

In total, Star India boasts an impressive lineup of 64 TV channels, including 27 HD and 37 SD channels. As an ever-evolving network, Star India continues to innovate and expand its offerings, with the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated Star Sports Kannada channel.

Stay tuned to Star TV Network for an unparalleled entertainment experience that caters to every member of your family, transcending languages and genres. With a commitment to quality content and diverse programming, Star India truly stands as a powerhouse in the realm of Indian television.

Note: Channel availability may change over time due to network updates and the launch of new channels.

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