Why I Am Unable To Send Or Receive SMS From BSNL | Solution

If you are using Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) mobile network and facing issues like "not able to send sms" from BSNL then the below-mentioned could be one of the reasons for the failure of sending or receiving SMS messages on your BSNL SIM card, below reasons applies to both BSNL Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Unable To Send Or Receive SMS From BSNL
Unable To Send Or Receive SMS From BSNL | Solution

Unable to Send SMS from BSNL

BSNL SIM Problems:

Reason 1: If you have a new BSNL sim then you will not be able to send sms from BSNL for 24 hours, the New BSNL sim can apply when upgraded from 3G to 4G sim when your mobile phone is lost/stolen then you take a new sim and when you have done a Mobile Number Portability MNP from the different mobile network to BSNL.

So wait for 24 hours to start sending sms from BSNL. If you still have queries or questions then contact BSNL mobile network customer Care.

Reason 2: Wrong BSNL SMS center number in your Mobile Message Settings -> Message Center Number, check this link for BSNL SMS Center Number State and Circle Wise and update the correct BSNL message center number based on your location or circle.

Reason 3: One of the reasons could be you have not sent any sms from your BSNL mobile number to anyone in the last 6 months, if you do so then chances are that BSNL may deactivate outgoing sms on your BSNL mobile number, contact the customer care of BSNL by dialing 198 or 1800-180-1503 and request them to activate sms message service.

Reason 4: Keep your BSNL mobile network in Manual mode network, or vice versa if it is in Manual keep it to Auto Network, then restart the mobile and try to send the sms.

Reason 5: If you are on a BSNL 4G/LTE network, change the network to 3G or 2G, then restart your mobile and send if you can send sms on a BSNL phone.

Reason 6: Check if your mobile has the correct Date and Time, if the date and time are wrong sometimes the BSNL mobile network will not be able to sms.

Unable to Receive SMS on BSNL

If you are not able to receive SMS on your BSNL SIM card, then we will have given the list of reasons and their solutions. see below for more.

Not receiving sms BSNL

Reason 1: New BSNL sim takes up to 24 hours to start receiving sms, you will not receive any OTP from any provider until 24 hours.

Reason 2: You might have activated the DND service on your BSNL mobile number.

Reason 3: Message storage might be full, delete older sms and check.

Reason 4: Change network mode from 4G to 3G and restart mobile then try.

Reason 4: Wrong Date and Time on your Mobile phone

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