Jio Message Center Number - All States | 2023

One of the most crucial elements influencing how well your SMS service functions is the Jio message center number. If you have incorrectly entered this number, you will start experiencing issues such as SMS not sending, SMS not being able to send, message sending failing, and Jio messages not being sent. A list of Jio SMSC numbers for every state is provided so you can quickly resolve any issues.

Jio Message Center Number

Many users may not be familiar with the word "message center number" because it is not as widely used as the term "jionet apn," which we are all familiar with and are already familiar with its configuration. Because this procedure is immediately completed by your operator after switching the sim card on your mobile device, you have never encountered a circumstance in which you needed to amend it or alter it on your own. Telecom providers set up your Jio message center number automatically based on your state, however as you are aware, mistakes can happen anytime.

It can happen that you altered it by accident or that your operator configured the Jio SMS center number incorrectly, leaving you with a non-resolving problem such as a message transmission failure, unable to send SMS, or a Jio message not being sent. 

And if you're one of the customers that use Jio's free services to the fullest, you must understand the value of SMS because you might not be able to enjoy Jio's free services like Jio Hello Tune without sending an SMS. The response to this issue is to correctly reconfigure the message center number that you or your operator unintentionally misconfigured.

What is the SMS center number?

The SMSC, or message center number, serves as the main node for SMS communications. It accepts SMS messages from the sender's smartphone, briefly stores them, and then sends them to the device of the intended recipient. The messages' timestamps must be kept up to date, and timely delivery must be guaranteed, by the message center number. The message center number can offer further services in addition to these fundamental ones, like translating SMS messages into other formats, filtering spam messages, and controlling message delivery status. It is a fundamental part of the SMS infrastructure and is essential to SMS-based communication's operation.

The manufacturer or service provider typically pre-configures the message center number on the device, and it is simple to access and manage through the settings. When sending an SMS, the recipient's handset immediately routes the message through the message center number, which then manages the remaining steps.

How SMSC Works 

Short Message Service Center (SMSC) working process:

  • On their device, a user types an SMS message and clicks the send button.
  • The message is transmitted from the device to the closest cell tower, which subsequently transmits it to the Mobile Switching Center (MSC).
  • The message is forwarded to the SMSC by the MSC.
  • The SMSC obtains the message and temporarily stores it.
  • The SMSC searches its database for the destination number to find the recipient's carrier.
  • The recipient's carrier then transmits the message to the recipient's handset after receiving it from the SMSC.
  • The SMSC also monitors the message's delivery status, including whether it was successfully sent, whether an error occurred, and whether it is still en route.
  • The SMSC receives a receipt confirmation from the recipient's device when it receives the message and updates the delivery status accordingly.

Jio Message Center Number List (All States):

  • Jio Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh +91 9885005444
  • Jio Message Center Number Arunachal Pradesh –
  • Jio Message Center Number Assam +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Bihar +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Chattisgarh +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Chennai Center Number +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Delhi +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Goa –
  • Jio Message Center Number Gujarat +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Haryana +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Jammu & Kashmir +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Jharkhand +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Karnataka +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Kerala +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Kolkata +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Maharashtra +91 9822078000
  • Jio Message Center Number Mumbai +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number North East +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Odisha +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Punjab +91 7012075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Rajasthan +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Telangana +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number UP East +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number UP West +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number West Bengal +91 7010075009
  • Jio Message Center Number Andaman And Nicobar –
  • Jio Message Center Number Sikkim –

How to Change Jio Center Number 

There are two ways to modify the Jio SMS Center number, and they are as follows:

Methods using USSD codes and the default Settings.

  • USSD Code
  • Dial – *#*#4636#*#*
  • Immediately after that, a popup will appear with the following choices:

  • Battery information
  • Phone information
  • WLAN Information
  • Usages Statistics

  • Select "Phone Information" and then "Scroll Down" until you locate the SMSC option.

  • Click "Refresh" to check your current number and change it using the number we mentioned above. Change SMSC using USSD code.
  • Select "Update" to update the Jio SMS Center's number using the USSD code.

Default Settings 

  • On your device, launch the "Messages" app.
  • By selecting the ":" button at the bottom, choose "Settings."
  • Search the settings menu for "Advanced" and select it.
  • Choose the SMS center for the sim slot you are currently using.
  • The screen will show the standard Jio SMS center number. Substitute the desired Jio SMS center number for this one.
  • To save the changes, click "Save" at the end.


What is the message center number?

A.1 A network component known as a message center number is responsible for the storing, forwarding, conversion, reception, delivery, and upkeep of timestamps during the SMS sending and receiving process. It serves as a platform for sending SMS between devices.

What is the Verizon message center number?

A.2 Verizon USA's SMSC number is +316540951000. On iPhones, dial *#5005*7672#, and on Android handsets, dial *#*#4636#*#* to confirm your SMSC number settings. 

What is the Jio customer care number for international customers?

A.3 Jio offers call assistance at +91 70188 99999 and WhatsApp help at +91 70188 99999 for customers outside of India. Customers can contact Jio's customer service department with any questions or issues. It is significant to remember that fees can be necessary for certain services.

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