Excitel Router Login: Access The Router Settings In 4 Steps

Excitel offers you the brand-new Excitel Fiber, which is provided through an end-to-end fiber optical network. It offers extremely fast rates of up to 1 Gigabit/s and is particularly built for your home. It provides a better internet connection than any other you've ever used in terms of speed, smoothness, and quality.

Excitel Router Login

But in this article, we are going to discuss how to access the Excitel router settings in four simple steps using your device or computer. Many people are facing the problem regarding the Excitel Router. So we are here to solve the issue with simple steps. But before we proceed, Please note a few things. These things will definitely help you during the login procedure. 

The following things are required to properly finish the Excitel router login procedures.

  • A device like a smartphone, computer, or tablet is required to connect to the network. 
  • Now you will connect this device to the network. You definitely have different options for network, if you have a wireless password, you can connect through WiFi. You can also connect the device to the network through an Ethernet cable. Before starting to log in, you should be sure that you have completed this crucial step.
  • The last step is you should have the Excitel Router login details. You can use the examples provided in the next section or you can get it from the label on your Excitel router, where the admin login information is typically provided. If you are still unable to see the label, try logging in using these credentials or see the user guide.

These are the steps you should keep in mind before logging in to the Excitel Router. Now we 

will proceed further to give you the information about the login procedure.

Default Excitel Router Details

People often want to know the default Excitel Router Details. These are actually those details that are created by default. That is if you have not changed the admin login details before, you have to log in with these default details. These Excitel router admin login details are given below:

Default router IP address:

Default admin username: admin or excited

Default admin password: exc@123

How To Login To Excitel Router?

When you will take care of all the instructions discussed above, you are ready to learn how to log in to Excitel Router. Now we will try to explain all the steps briefly. You are instructed to read carefully and follow these steps

Step 1: Open the browser
Before opening the browser check the connection of your device. Is it connected or not. If it is not connected, then connect it. If it is connected, then open the browser. There are different search browsers available on your device like Chrome or Edge etc. You can also download some browsers from the play store like Opera mini, UC browser, etc. So there is no barrier to using any kind of browser. Some router manufacturers suggest using chrome. It's now your choice.

Step 2: Enter The Excitel IP In The URL Bar
After opening the browser enter the Excitel IP address in the URL search bar. When you will type the URL click on the go button. The main page of Excitel Router will open on your screen. If it shows an error check whether you have typed the correct URL or not. And also check your internet connection.

Step 3: Enter The Excitel Admin Username And Password.
There on the main page of the website of Excitel Router, you will the required fields for login ID and password. You will click on a username and fill this box with your username. Then you will click on password and enter your password in this field. Before clicking on the login button shown below these fields, ensure that the details are correct by rechecking them. If the details entered are not correct. Then click on the reset button and enter the details again. 
 After login in, you will receive the verification code. Enter this code in a required field.

How To Change Your Wi-fi Network Name And Password

After the installation of the Router, you will think about the change of the Wi-fi Network Name And Password. This is actually the necessary thing to protect your details. You should even change your password routinely to avoid hacking. Now we will discuss here how to change your network name and password. Below are the steps regarding this:

Step 1: Open the browser and log in to your Excitel Router with your old username and password.

Step 2: You will see the Network option on the top menu, click on it and then select WLAN 2.4G or WLAN 5G. This step will let you manage the WiFi settings of the 2.4 or 5GHz network.

Step 3: Now Scroll down. You will find the SSID field, delete the old network name there and enter the new one.

Step 4: Select WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK as the security configuration and set TKIP+AES as Encryption Type.

Step 5: Now go to WPA Pre-Shared Key, delete the old WiFi password, and enter the new password.

Step 6: By clicking on the OK button, the details will be saved. Now, remember your new username and password.

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