syRotech ONT Configuration for Fiber (FTTH) Voice & Internet

Find the new step-by-step configuration process of syRotech EPON / GPON ONT devices to connect to high-speed internet as per the FTTH plan and voice connection to talk unlimited.

syRotech ONT Configuration for Fiber

SyRotech is one of the main network units and competent service providers, in this article we will discuss more in-depth the fiber broadband network configuration with the BSNL FTTH service and how important this can be.

SyRotech has a wide range and array of products lined up. Their fiber and network units are more aligned as they serve a more significant purpose. In this guide, we essentially explain to you how you can use the syrotech GPON/EPON ONT with exemplary configuration.

You will understand in-depth the account configuration that you have to do with one of the business units of the syRotech brand by following the below step-by-step configuration process, Let’s have a look at the complete details




syRotech Networks (P) Ltd


Subscriber End Equipment

Product Name


Default IP Address to open Equipment

User ID


Default password




Power Rating

12V - 1000mA

syRotech ONU Configuration Steps

  • Open ONT using the IP address in your browser
  • Enter cirrhotic default user id as admin and the default password as Syro@43210$ to login to ONT

Internet Configuration

1. Hover to Network

  • Click Internet Connection and select the following
  • Connection Name: 1_Internet_R_VII
  • Mode: Route
  • IP Protocol Mode: Ipv4
  • Select PPPOE
  • Enable NAT, VAN
  • Enter FTTH Username and Password provided by your ISP
  • Enter Service Name: BSNL
  • Enabled Port Binding [Port_1, Port_2, WLAN(SSID1)]

WiFi Configuration

1. Hover to Network

2. Click WLAN

3. WLAN Basic

  • Band: 2.4Ghz
  • Mode: AP (Your circle)
  • SSID: Enter your WiFi Name
  • Select WMM, SGI

4. WLAN Advanced

  • Click Off under Different SSID isolation > Apply Changes

5. WLAN Security

  • Select SSID Type
  • Encryption (WPA2 Mixed)
  • Authentication Mode: Personal (pre-shared key)
  • Select TKIP under WPA2 Cipher Suite > AES under WPA2 Cipher Suite
  • 86400 as Group Key update timer
  • Select Passphrase under Pre-shared key format
  • Enter password under pre-shared key
  • Apply Changes

6. WPS Configuration (Optional)

  • Enter your Self Pin Number > Click Apply Changes

Voice Configuration

  • Go to Application
  • Click on VOIP Configuration
  • Select Soft Switch, SIP under Server Type
  • Enter the values given by your ISP (Primary and Secondary SIP Proxy and Registration details)
  • Provide your phone number starting with +91 in Account Number and Account Name > Enter password > Click Apply

SyRotech Customer ONT Security Guidelines

  1. Change the ONT Login Username / Password
  2. Remove the standard ports on WAN
  3. Disable the UPnP configuration
  4. Change the wifi Default Password
  5. Set the ONT firewall ON to High

SyRotech Security Guidelines for TIP (Telecom Infrastructure Provider)

  1. Block Telnet port in the OLT
  2. Enable SSH ports in the OLT
  3. Change OLT Username and Password
  4. OLT Upgrade Process
  5. Change ONT WiFi Settings from OLT

Each customer may follow the above step-by-step guide if required to configure syrotech WiFi GPON ONT for BSNL FTTH services to get connected for high-speed internet and SIP-based voice calling.

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