Download BSNL Salary Slip in HRMS login at

To conveniently access BSNL employee pay details and income tax data, the SAP ERP ESS portal login provides an online platform to download salary slips. This article presents a step-by-step guide on logging into the ERP portal, retrieving BSNL salary slips, and ensuring accuracy in income and deduction information. The SAP NetWeaver portal allows employees to review payslips, both digitally and in print.

Download BSNL Salary Slip

Pay Slip is the main concern narrative evidence for a BSNL representative in the association, showing the wages (Basic Pay, IDA, and so on), derivations towards credits, EPF/GPF and some other memberships, Gross compensation, and Net compensation of the laborer for the ongoing month, Let's check

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BSNL Salary Slip

Print or Download BSNL Payslip in just 1 minute.

Just download or print the required BSNL Salary Slip online and check the pay/income tax details of the working employee for old or current monthly income and deductions

Step 1: Accessing the BSNL SAP ESS Portal

To initiate the process, launch Google Chrome or IE browser and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the URL:
  2. Submit the BSNL HRMS number, excluding the first digit.
  3. Enter the login password and click submit.

Step 2: Employee Self Service

Within the BSNL SAP ESS portal, locate the Employee Self Service section. This section offers self-care activities for BSNL employees.

Step 3: Pay Information

Within the Employee Self Service section, click on "Pay Information." This option grants access to pay-related details.

Step 4: Salary Statement

After selecting "Pay Information," a new popup window named "Paycheck Inquiry Service" will appear, displaying the current month's payslip. This comprehensive statement shows income and deductions.

Step 5: Download or Print the BSNL Payslip

Choose the desired option to download or print the BSNL salary statement. This ensures you have a physical or digital copy for future reference.

Step 6: Previous Salary Statement

If necessary, access the Previous Salary Statement section. This feature allows the retrieval of payslips from previous months, facilitating salary history tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: Can I access the BSNL ERP portal from anywhere to view my salary details?

A: Yes, BSNL employees can conveniently access their ERP ESS Account (HRMS login) via the Internet. Intranet access is available only within the organization's premises.

Q2: How many times can I download my payslip from the BSNL ERP portal?

A: There is no limit to the number of times you can download or print your salary slip from the BSNL ERP portal at Retrieve your payslip as needed.

Q3: Do I need a password to open the BSNL payslip received via email?

A: No, a password is not required to open the PDF document of your BSNL payslip. Simply access the email and open the payslip directly.

Q4: Is there an alternative method to download the BSNL salary slip?

A: If you provided your email address in your BSNL ESS portal login account, you will receive the salary slip as a PDF document via email every month.

Q5: How can I access the BSNL ERP portal?

A: By following the steps mentioned above, you can access the BSNL ERP portal.

Q6: What is the significance of the BSNL ERP system?

A: is the main portal for BSNL employees to access their personal information and HR-related services.

Q7: What features are available in the BSNL Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal?

A: The BSNL Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal provides a variety of features to help employees manage their work and personal lives.

Q8: Can I download my BSNL payslip from the ERP portal?

A: Yes, You can download the BSNL payslip from the BSNL ERP portal


By utilizing the BSNL ERP portal and following the step-by-step instructions provided, employees can easily access their salary details and download payslips. The portal's user-friendly interface ensures accuracy in income and deduction information, allowing employees to keep track of their earnings conveniently.

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