Boat Airdopes 121V2 Best TWS earbuds Review | Price & Specs

Author: Alankrati Verma;

There's no doubt that boAt items are among the best-selling in their price range because they provide high-quality products with cutting-edge technology. Boat's 121v2 TWS is a compact and convenient earbud from BoatThey compete with other TWS brands because of their distinct features.

Boat Airdopes 121V2 review

Boat Airdopes 121V2 Specifications

  • Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version.
  • Ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Has a 14-hour playtime.
  • The charge level is indicated by a digital display.
  • The drivers are 8 mm in diameter.
  • Touch controls are built-in.
  • It features a built-in voice assistant.
  • Each earbud is under 4 grams in weight.

Boat Airdopes 121V2 Features

The Boat 121 v2 airdopes have an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your ears.

A single charge will provide you with around 14 hours of uninterrupted playtime.

The latest Bluetooth version 5.0 ensures that you are always linked to your device.

The sound output from the 8 mm speakers would be adequate.

It includes smooth touch controls, so you can make calls or switch tunes with several taps.

Your commands will be supported by an online voice assistant. Depending on your smartphone, pressing and holding either of the earbuds will access Siri or Google Assistant.

The earpieces are only 4 g each. As a result, it will feel comfortable when you wear it.

Boat Airdopes 121V2 Best True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Airdopes 121v2 is the most popular and best-selling BoAt TWS earbuds for Rs 1500.

Design & Quality

The design is relatively light and compact. They are easy to fit into your ears.

These angled earphones provide excellent passive noise cancellation and audio delivery right into your ear canals.

Each earpiece weighs only 4 grams, according to BoAt. As a result, you won't even notice you're wearing them.

No matter which color you choose, the earbuds seem compact, minimal, and premium in terms of design and finish.

Sound Quality & Bass

The frequency range of the BoAt Airdopes 121v2 is typical  20-20kHz, the perfect frequency range for our ears. 

The impedance of the earbuds is 16 ohms.

The sound is loud enough, with a sensitivity of 103dB/mW (sound pressure level). Earphones should have a decibel level of 98dB or above.

As a solo sound, the voice and instruments are crisp and loud.

The bass is the issue. It has 8mm bass drivers, which aren't particularly good for deep bass.

Battery Life & Charging Time

The overall playback time of Airdopes 121v2 is 14 hours (3.5 hours per earbuds and 10.5 hours in charging case). 

The 380 mAh internal battery in the charging + carry case can recharge your earbuds up to three times.

The battery backup is slightly below average when compared to similar models.

For a complete charge, it takes about 2 hours and it charges by micro-USB

Functions & Controls

Airdopes 121v2 multipurpose buttons for activating assistant (up to 1.5 seconds), switching songs (double press), play/pause (single tap), and receiving/ending calls (single tap).

You have no control over the volume.

Charging Case

The design of the Airdopes 121v2 is excellent. The charging case complements the earbuds in style.

The case is small and light, making it ideal for travel. It's small enough to fit in your pocket.

A display on the inside shows the battery percentage, and the charging connector is on the back.

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If you want to try out the current trend of fully wireless headphones on a shoestring budget then these airdopes will be perfect for you. 

You will be more than delighted with Boat Airdopes 121v2 in terms of features.

Aside from adjusting the volume, you'll be able to replay the current music, change the song, take calls, use the voice assistant, and much more.

To summarise, the boAt Airdopes 121v2 is a satisfactory buy for the value of ₹1299. 


Q.1 Are Boat Airdopes 121v2 waterproof?

  • Unfortunately, the Airdopes 121v2 is not resistant to dust, sweat, or water.

Q.2 Boat Airdopes 121v2 price in India?

  • Boat Airdopes 121v2 price in India is ₹1299.

Q.3 Can we accept and reject calls from Airdopes 121v2?

  • Yes, by pressing the MFB (Multi-Function Button) on either earbud, you can accept or deny calls.

Q.4 What is the audio quality of the Airdopes 121v2?

  • 8/10 for vocals, 7/10 for clarity, 9/10 for loudness, and 7/10 for bass.

Q5. Are Boat Airdopes 121V2 available on Flipkart and Amazon?

Yes, Boat Airdopes 121V2 is available on Flipkart as well as on Amazon.

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