Boat Xtend Smartwatch Review, Price, Features, Specs

Author: Alankrati Verma;

The Boat has released ‘The Boat Xtend ', the company's recent budget smartwatch, which costs Rs. 2,999.

The Boat Xtend Smartwatch has a trendy appearance that resembles the Apple Watch.

boat xtend smartwatch

It also features built-in Amazon Alexa, as well as SpO2 and stress tracking.

Let's find out if this smartwatch is worth buying for its price.

Design, Build & Comfort:

If you don't wear it too tightly, the boat xtend smartwatch feels light on the hand and doesn't produce irritation.

The straps of the watch are made of rubber and have a good grip on the wrist.

The boat xtend smartwatch is rectangular in design with rounded corners and a tiny circular bump on the back for the sensors.

On the right, there is a  button that allows you to access the watch's many functionalities.

Pitch black, sandy cream, deep blue, and olive green are the four-color options in which the boat xtend smartwatch is available. 

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The boat xtend smartwatch's display is square in design and is 42mm in diameter.

It has a 1.69-inch capacitive touchscreen display.

It features broad bezels on the bottom and small bezels on the other three sides, with the bottom bezel being roughly 1 cm thick.

The watch has a screen duration of up to 20 seconds and a brightness range of up to 12 levels.

Watch UI and Features:

Boat Xtend smartwatch's user interface is straightforward.

On the watch, there is a single button that serves as both a power/off and a back button.

Daily activities like total steps walked, calories burned, and time, heart rate, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring breath training, SpO2 training, meditation, finding my phone, and audio controls are all included in the watch.

The watch informs you of incoming calls, texts, and other alerts in great detail.

Alexa Support:

The Amazon Alexa Support is the major attraction of the Boat Xtend Smartwatch.

The watch contains a built-in microphone, which you may use by pushing and holding the back button for a long time.

It's worth noting that Alexa on the watch can only do a few basic functions, like setting an alarm or a timer.

Watch Faces:

The watch faces that come with the Boat Xtend Smartwatch are the next amazing thing about it.

The watch comes with over 100 watch faces, and more are likely to be added in the future. In addition, you may create your watch face.

Boat Wave App:

To use the watch, you must first download the Boat Wave App on the Boat Xtend Smartwatch.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

The Boat Wave has a basic and clean UI.

On the app, you'll find all of the fitness-related choices as well as all of the watch settings.


When purchasing a smartwatch, accuracy is one of the most critical factors to consider.

So, in terms of accuracy, the boat xtend smartwatch on being put through its paces, from typical walking to jogging, sleeping, and a variety of other activities showed the findings to be accurate.


The boat xtend smartwatch has a 300mAH battery, which the maker promises will last 7 days.

The battery will last roughly two and a half days if you use the watch's majority of functions.

The battery will last around 3-4 days if you keep the brightness down.

To fully charge the smartwatch, it takes roughly two hours.


Boat's Xtend Smartwatch is quite good. It has all of the fundamental fitness functions you'd expect from an affordable fitness tracker, as well as a nice display, Alexa integration, a nice style and quality, and much more. For the price of Rs 2,499, the smartwatch is pretty decent. Although the boat xtend smartwatch has a long battery life, the charging speed may be improved. So overall, it is a good investment for such a price and can be recommended in the boat smartwatches to buy under the Rs5000 category. 

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Q.1 Is there a screen guard on the boAt Xtend smartwatch?

A.1 No, the boat xtend smartwatch does not have a screen guard. But you can buy them from Amazon or Flipkart for almost Rs 100.

Q.2 Can the boat xtend smartwatch connects to ios devices?

A.2 Yes, the boat xtend smartwatch connects to all ios and android devices.

Q.3 does the boat xtend smartwatch come in pink color?

A.3 No, the boat xtend smartwatch is available in olive green, pitch black, deep blue, and sandy cream colors not in pink.

Q.4 Is the boat xtend smartwatch available on Flipkart?

A.4 Yes, the smartwatch can be bought from Flipkart as well as Amazon.

Q.5 How to start the boat xtend smartwatch?

A.5 The boat xtend smartwatch comes with a button on the side of its screen. You can long press that button for a few seconds and the watch will start after that.

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