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We know that the use of the internet is increasing day by day. Now, most things are done online. All the sectors, be they private or govt, have started shifting online, with the motive of doing all the documentation work via the internet. The Government of Maharashtra has launched a similar facility for its citizens known as the Maharashtra Document eSearch. In this article, we shall discuss this government document search facility in detail.

maharastra document esearch

What is Maharashtra Document eSearch?

The Maharashtra Document eSearch is an online facility launched by the Department of Registration & Stamps, Maharashtra, for its citizens. It helps the residents of Maharastra to search for their documents from the comfort of their homes. It also lets them search the transaction of property online. So, the residents of Maharashtra can avail of this facility to search all kinds of documents by simply visiting the website:

How To Search Maharashtra Documents Online?

It is very simple to search Maharashtra documents online. Just follow the below steps to know how you can use the Maharashtra Document eSearch facility to search all sorts of documentation:

Step 1: Visit the link 

Step 2: Select your city, district, village, and year. 

Step 3: Enter the name of your property. 

Step 4: Fill in the Captcha and click the 'search' button to get the details. 

Note:- You need to be careful and keep in mind the following points:

1. Registration data is updated in real-time to Maharashtra Document eSearch, so to prevent fraud, check before transactions. 

2. For Mumbai city and the suburban districts of Maharashtra, all the data from 1985, available physically at SR offices, is available online. 

3. You can now search your property by name after entering the property number. 

4. Data from 1985 to 2002 is now available to search for some specific offices. 

Feedback From Comments

Per the feedback from various comments on the Maharashtra Document eSearch, it seems obvious that users find it difficult to search the documents properly. In most cases, the problem seems to be faced by those users who use the free version. 

Here's a comment from a user:

Third class site. Since three days, I am trying to register for Login. During Registration, it accepts the data but when tried to login, it says ID & Password incorrect. I am sure, paid site must be working fast & perfect. The business of extracting money.

— Source of this comment:


The above article is about the facility named Online Document Search (eSearch) / Search Transaction of Property. It comes under the Department of Registration & Stamps, Maharashtra. 


FAQs On Maharashtra Document eSearch And Transaction of Property 

1. How to search property documents with the help of property details? 

Ans. Follow the below steps to search property documents with the help of property details:

Step 1:- Select your district and year. 

Step 2:- Type a minimum of three English characters for the area you are concerned with. 

Step 3:- You will see a drop-down list. Select your area from that list. 

Step 4:- Enter CTS/Survey/GAT/Plot/Flat etc., number (It only allows numeric values).

Step 5:- Enter the Captcha and click on 'Search'. 

2. Which documents I won't find in the search results? 

Ans. The documents not available in the search results are the Will Deed and Power of Attorney. 

3. How to search using the document number? 

Ans. The procedure for this is the same as that of other searches. You just need to select the registration type, SRO, and enter the document number. 

4. How can I find Maharashtra tourism information?

Ans. Various websites give information about different tourist destinations in Maharashtra. They also provide all the tourism information. 

5. What is Maharashtra's RTO number? 

Ans. Different districts in Maharashtra have other RTO numbers. Although, the Maharashtra RTO code is the same as 'MH'.

6. How to do a government document search online? 

Ans. Different governmental organizations have different websites where one can search the documents. For example, if you want to search for your driving license online, you can simply go to the website:

7. Do I need a separate registration for Maharashtra Document eSearch paid version and free version? 

Ans. Yes, both versions require separate registration. 

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