Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Pro: Specifications and Comparison

The demands of people increase with time. People want new features in every product. The same is the case with earbuds. As the demand increases companies try to upgrade their products with new features. That is why for some time people used earphones, but now they are demanding wireless Bluetooth earbuds and neckbands. We know that the demand for earphones also increases like JBL earphones or Boat earphones etc. But they are also upgraded. Companies try to upgrade them with time. They try to add new features, specifications, etc. In this article, we are going to make a comparison between Boat Airdopes 621 VS 441 Pro. We will start with the specifications of Boat Airdopes 621 and Boat Airdopes 441 Pro (TWS Bluetooth earbuds). Then we will compare them and make our opinion about the best one. Hope you will find this article beneficial and that it will help you a lot. 


Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Pro

Boat Airdopes 621 Vs Boat Airdopes 441 pro: Specifications and review

Boat Airdopes 621 

Before comparing Boat Airdopes 621 vs 441 Pro we will write the specifications of both. Firstly, we will start with Airdope 621. Boat 621 has a fabulous sound quality powered by Boat Signature Sound. With enormous bass, you will experience great-quality music. The type of driver is a moving coil with a size of 6mm each and the impedance is 16Ω+15%. It has ASAP charging technology that gives you 60 minutes of playback with just 5 minutes of charge. And if you want to charge it fully, it will take only 40 minutes. These earbuds are True Wireless Stereotype ( TWS earbuds). It gives 5 hours of playback time for earbuds and 150 hours for Case. Battery capacity is 35mAh for each bud and 2600mAh for the case. IPX7 sweat, water, and dust resistance technology allows you to work in rain or dust and also allows you to work out at the gym without any fear of sweat. There is a multi-function button that is used to receive and reject calls. The Bluetooth version of this earbud is V5.0. It has another special feature this product comes with a digital indicator on the case, that shows the battery life of the left and right earbuds. The power bank function is also present in this device that is used in an emergency when your phone's battery is dead. But you can fully charge your phone with the help of this power bank. It comes in white frost color, which increases its beauty. It is pocket friendly, so it is easy to carry with you. Some main features are mentioned below in nutshell;

  • Bluetooth version is v5.0
  • Up to 150 hours of playback with a charging case and 5.5 hours of battery life for each earbud
  • 6mm driver size of each bud
  • The digital case battery indicator is available
  • IPX7 water and sweat protection rating
  • Can be used as a power bank
  • Type C charging port
  • Touch control facility
  • Supports voice assistant "Siri"
  • Available in White Frost color
  • The weight of Airdopes 621 is 106 grams with a case
  • ASAP fast charging facility is also available

Boat Airdopes 441 Pro 

After talking about Airdopes 621 we are going to talk about the specifications of Boat Airdopes 441 Pro. The features are almost similar to Boat 621 earbuds but there is a little bit of difference about which we will talk in the Comparison section. Boat 441 Pro has been launched with Special Batman Edition. The color is a mixture of red and black which makes it attractive. The size is small, so we can say it is pocket friendly. So you could easily take it in your pocket. The sound quality of Airdopes 441 Pro DC Edition is marvelous and is powered by Boat Signature Sound. Moreover, the driver size is 6mm for each bud and the Bluetooth version is v5.0. The Airdopes 441 pro has HD sound quality with a battery capacity of 35mAh for each bud and 2600mAh for the Carry Case. So you can take it for a long journey without any hesitation. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge as there is no option for fast charging. It has a type C charging port and there is the availability of a power bank function also, that enables you to charge any small device through a USB port. IPX7 technology makes it sweat, dust, and waterproof, so you can easily use it while doing any work or jogging. The voice assistance facility is also available. There is a 1-year warranty on this device from the company. In a nutshell, the main features are summarized below;

  • Bluetooth version is v5.0 plus EDR
  • Up to 150 hours battery life with case and 5 hours playback time for each earbud
  • 6mm driver size for each bud
  • IPX7 technology
  • The power bank function is available
  • Type C charging port
  • Supports voice assistant "Siri"
  • Available in Raging red color
  • Battery capacity 35mAh for each bud 
  • Bluetooth Profiles are HSP, HFP, AVRCP
  • The Bluetooth range is 10 meters 
  • Standby time is 70 hours

Boat Airdopes 621 Vs 441 Pro Comparison 

Battery Comparison 

The battery capacity is the same for both devices. That is the battery capacity for both Boat Airdopes 621 and Boat Airdopes 441 pro is 35 mAh for each bud and 2600 mAh for the Carrying Case. The playback time is also similar for both which is 5 hours per bud and 150 hours for Carrying Case. There is only one difference between Boat 621 and 441 pro earbuds, which is fast charging. Fast charging is available in Boat Airdopes 621 while it is not present in Boat Airdopes 441 pro earbuds. Boat 621 gives you 60 minutes of battery life with only 5 minutes of charging. So here Airdopes 621 wins. So this is the only difference between the two products. Otherwise, both are the same when we talk about batteries. 

Design Comparison 

The Boat Airdopes 621 comes in a white frost color with a blend of Gloss & Matte Design. It has a digital display on the upper side, which shows the battery life of each bud. But if we talk about Boat Airdopes 441 pro, it comes in Raging Red color with a complete Matte Design. There are other options also for colors. But if we compare Boat Airdopes 621 vs 441 Pro, then in terms of design Boat Airdopes 621 is a winner. It has a digital display which is absent in Boat 441 pro. Its Carrying Case is slightly bigger than BoAt Airdopes 441 Pro, but that doesn't matter. Moreover, Boat 621 supports fast charging. 

Sound Comparison 

There is no big difference in sound quality between Airdrops 621 and Airdopes 441 pro. Both have a 6mm driver in each bud. Both are powered by Boat Signature Sound. But there is a little bit of difference, that is Boat 621 is a Bass-Centric Sound Signature whereas Boat 441 Pro is not. So Boat Airdopes 621 is a winner in the case of sound quality. It has Good Audio Quality and the vocals are very clear. The call quality is amazing and very clear to the end caller.


Is Boat Airdopes good?

Ans. Yes, they are very good in terms of sound quality, battery backup, and looks. The prices are also inexpensive, so anyone could afford them.

Boat Airdopes 621 vs 441 Pro. Which is best?

Ans. Both have approximately the same features. But there is a little bit of difference in terms of sound quality, fast charging, and design. On that bases, we can say Boat Airdopes 621 is better than the 441 Pro.

Does Airdopes 441 pro support fast charging?

Ans. No, Airdopes 441 pro does not support fast charging.


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