Indian Nursing Council: NUID Nurses Registration & Tracking System

In India, nursing education is governed by the Indian Nursing Council (INC).

INC created an online platform called the Nurses Registration & Tracking System (NRTS) specifically for nurses.

Registered nurses can check their unique identification number using the Check NUID feature on the INC website (NUID).

Nurses can renew their registration, amend personal information, and register through NRTS.

Visit to access NRTS and Check NUID.

Indian Nursing Council

What is INC NRTS System?

The Nurses Registration & Tracking System was put in place by the Indian Nursing Council to provide secure nurse registration (NRTS). Online registration and information management for nurses are available at After registering online, nurses must visit their respective State Nursing Councils for Aadhaar-based biometric authentication, although it's vital to emphasize that this step is required. This procedure is required to confirm the nurse's identity and make sure there hasn't been any fraud. It's important to understand that M/s. FINO PayTech, a provider of payment technology, is not in charge of this authentication procedure.

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NRTS Objectives

Aadhaar-based biometric authentication is linked to a streamlined registration process that allows nurses to enlist for free.

The consistent registration process across the nation makes it simpler for nurses to enlist and for policymakers to prepare for an efficient workforce.

A National Unique Identification Number (NUID) will give nurses the ability to obtain a variety of advantages.

Every five years, nurses must complete 150 hours of Continued Nursing Education (CNE) to renew their licenses.

First-time NUID card recipients in the nursing profession are entitled to a reward of 30 hours of CNE.

To gather information from nurses who want to enroll, the enrollment agency, M/s. FINO PayTech will travel to all CHCs, PHCs, and hospitals (both public and private).

A complete history of nurse-midwifery will be included in the nurse passbook, making it simpler for nurses to access their records and for policymakers to make defensible judgments.

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How To Check INC NUID?

Every nurse in India is given a unique identification number called a Nurse Unique Identity Number (NUID). The whole history of nurse-midwifery and other pertinent information can be accessed nationwide using NUID.

Visit the URL and input the NUID to view a nurse's details.

To view the nurse's details after entering the NUID, click the "Fetch Information" button.

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Data Correction Procedure of NRTS

The process for data rectification for nurses who have registered with M/S FINO, the NRTS enrollment agency, and whose scanned copies of certificates cannot be read with clarity, is as follows:

Only the nurses whose submitted scanned certificates cannot be read will receive a WhatsApp message from M/s FINO at the telephone number +91-7703009419.

The notification will ask the nurse to send scanned copies of the original paperwork so that their NRTS enrolment can be corrected to match their SNC registration number.

The nurse must email the required paperwork to with their SNC registration number written in the subject line.

The data will be corrected in the NRTS software after the necessary documents are obtained, and the nurse will then receive their NUID card and nurse passbook.

It is significant to remember that the necessary information should only be sent by nurses who have received the WhatsApp message from +91-7703009419.

The attention of Nurses Invited

Please take note of the following if you are a nurse who has registered with the Nurses Registration & Tracking System (NRTS) at

Their respective State Nursing Councils will perform their Aadhaar-based biometric authentication.

Nurses should make an appointment with their State Nursing Councils to finish this process. They should make an appointment before going to the Council.

Nurses are urged to submit their questions via the "HELPDESK" button if they run into any problems or difficulties during the NRTS registration procedure.

It is crucial to remember that files and applications that are not submitted within 15 days of the application's entry date will be removed.

Self Enrolled Nurses who have not submitted correctly in NRTS:

The following information should be remembered by nurses who self-enrolled in the Nurses Registration & Tracking System (NRTS) but did not submit their data accurately:

As they were unable to submit correctly, their data cannot be processed because it was deleted.

By choosing their parent State Nursing Council and providing their RN/RM Number, they can check the status of their data. If their RN/RM number is located, they can proceed to enroll in NRTS either by starting over or by visiting the closest enrollment facility.

Nurses can enroll in NRTS for new enrolment and then, with an appointment, visit their respective State Nursing Councils for biometric authentication and photo capture.

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