Tenda Wi-Fi Router Login Configuration and Password Change

Here is the new setup procedure in detail for the Tenda Wi-Fi router on login to IP address for configuration of various options like password change and more accessible to access high-speed internet and wireless security.

Tenda Wi-Fi Router Login Configuration

Tenda Login

Tenda is a popular brand that provides various wireless routers that are well cognized for easy configuration of the Wi-Fi network, and once a new router has been bought, one should make it ready to get it configured such that their LAN connection does move to Wi-Fi to be used by multiple devices.

Tenda is the most liked brand in customer premises wireless equipment due to its good range and unfluctuating connection, and their routers are found in 150Mbps and 300Mbps forms which can be bought based on client visibility.

This difference in Bandwidth does allow the Wi-Fi router to manage better internet for any kind of bandwidth as requested, and the configuration for the entire Tenda Models available is almost the same and can be easily done by anyone, Let’s check the details briefly.

Tenda Router




Tenda Technology


Subscriber End Wireless Equipment

Default IP Address

Default User ID


Default password



DHCP / Static Modes


WAN / LAN Ports 25


Tenda Router Login Configuration

Here are detailed steps that one should follow, if they have got the Tenda CPE in their network, and it is realized that the configuration does move your LAN connection to the Wi-Fi network, and you must be aware of what is being done in beneath steps thoroughly.

  • Step 1Get the Tenda Router to Unpack and get the connection set. Link the adapter to the Tenda router and switch on the power supply
  • Step 2Now get the broadband LAN wire with the Ethernet cable and insert it in the first slot where it is penned as a WAN port. Insert it properly until the light inside the router does start blinking.
  • Step 3 – DHCP SetupThis is one of the common setups in route to be done. Go to the wireless setting option once you have established the Tenda on your browser. Select the DHCP option and then click on Set a password for the router. Set a unique password and then save it to get your DHCP setting to be updated.
  • Step 4 – Router Setup with Static IPSet up your browser and search for in the URL bar, and the Tenda modem page gets loaded.
    • Use admin as Username and Password both to login to the Tenda device homepage
  • Step 5Once the page is loaded, CCIK on Internet Connection Setup and then choose the Static IP from the first column dropdown. Enter your IP address along with the details asked and click on the OK button to save your IP selection.
Once you’re done with settings, you can see the network option as connected and your respective can now connect with the Tenda router and start using the internet connection for the internet.

Tenda WiFi Password Change

This is one of the most important things that one should remember, as a regular reset of password will save your internet connection from unknown users. Here are steps that will allow you to get the Tenda router password reset.

  • Step 1: Open the browser to visit the Tenda homepage using the IP address in URL Bar. Enter the Admin as password and username to log in to get access to your homepage.
  • Step 2: Click on the advanced option and then click on the wireless connection. Then select wireless basic settings to open the settings page.
  • Step 3: Enter the SSID name of your Tenda router as per your wish and then click on the OK button, this will be the name of your router to be displayed on the screen.
  • Step 4: Select Wireless Security on the same page and then click on the Password option to reset it. Enter your new password along with the old password and click on Ok Button.
    • Once done, click on the save button and get the configuration setting saved on your router.
    • Later on, you need to enter this password to connect to the Wi-Fi of your Tenda Router. Make sure you remember your password or it does require lengthy steps to get out reset once again.

1. Can we set Tenda Router Name as any to display in Wi-Fi Convention?

Yes, customers can anytime change their Tenda Router name from the SSID option. The name changed here will be displayed on your device's Wi-Fi network, where you can directly get to see this name and tap on it to connect with a password that has been set.

2. Is Tenda Router secure from other users or is the password at risk?

This question cannot be answered in a good way, as every network has some chance to get hacked. To protect your Tenda router from hackers, customers need to get a secure password and get configure enough security steps. Once the router is fully set up with security then it will have a secure connection and will change your password regularly to keep it secure.

3. Is the configuration page for the Entei Tenda Router is Same?

Yes, the Tenda routers that are sold out in the market do have similar configurations setup. Customers can also use the guide that has been given to them with the installation kit of the router. As being a wide network, the configuration page will be the same and anyone who is having a Tenda router can use them to set up their network.

Tenda Router Price:

Tend has various routers in the market, starting from Rs. 935 up to Rs. 5000, which includes both single and double band routers, variable speeds like 1500Mbs, 300Mbps, etc, we have compiled a list of best routers, click on the below link to know more.

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