Mivi Duopods A25 Full Review | Features | Price | Case

 MIVI recently launched their new TWS Earphone “MIVI Duopods A25” which proved to be a successful addition to their TWS range. Mivi Duopods A25 hit the market this May 2021 and are priced under 1200 INR. Also, this product is entirely engineered as well as made in India.

Mivi Duopods A25

We were successful in getting our hands on these recent TWS Earphones of theirs and have been testing them for quite some time now. Is it worth the hype and price? Or not?

Let’s find out together.

MIVI Duopods A25’s Specifications:

Release date:  19th May 2021
Price:  1,299 INR
Dimensions :  10.7 x 10.7 x 4.1 cm
Weight:  35 g charging Capsule, 3.5 g right earbud, 3.5 g left earbud
Model:  Duopods A25
Waterproof:  IPX4 Water and Sweat Resistant
Warranty:  1 Year
Colors Available:  Black, White, Blue, and Red

Inside the box:

The package consists of a brace of Duopods A25 earbuds, a charging case, a Charging Cable, a many pairs of redundant silicone ear tips, a Welcome Card, a user manual, and a Warranty Card. 

Pairing Speed :

The MIVI DuoPods A25 comes with Bluetooth 5.0 and a stronger, better connection. Just remove the duopods from the charging case and they will automatically turn ON and will automatically connect to your phone(after they are paired), and voila you’re ready to go. 

Sound Quality :

We have been using these MIVI Duopods A25 for quite some time, and we can say that the Sound Quality of the Duopods is really nice. The vocals are Clear and but the bass is really heavy.

Built Quality :

Both the case and earbuds are made of polycarbonate material. The case is capsule-shaped with twisted edges and is magnetic. The case has a matte finish and MIVI written on the top. The inside of the case is matte too. It has 2 cutouts for placing the earbuds and an indicator that indicates the battery on the case. 
 The case also has a C- type Charging port on the rear. 
The earbuds have an edgy glossy look and a flat matte back with the MIVI logo on each of the buds. The MIVI Duopods A25 consists of in-line touch control on the rear and it also has an LED indicator at the end of its tip. With the angled Duopods tips, they stay put in the ear quite comfortably. 
 The Duopods are designed such that they fit in the ear quite comfortably. They've soft silicone gel ear tips that are removable so that the user can put the one which fits them the best. These come with 3 different tips small, medium, and large ear tips. 
The Duopods A25 are IPX4 rated. These are sweat-resistant and are also resistant to light splashes. 

Noise Cancelling :

While listening to songs on high volume with these on, one might not notice any background noises as well. But it doesn’t help in canceling the background noises completely.

Controls :

Both the earbuds consist of in-line touch control. It can be used to Activate Voice Assistant, Answer or Hang Up calls, Reject calls, Play or Pause the music and Change the music track.

Battery life :

Once charged fully, the MIVI Duopods A25 provides 4 additional charges with the charging case. The earphones take 1hr to get fully charged.

It provides a battery life of up to 5.5-6 hours once fully charged which gives us a total of 25-28 hours with the charging case depending upon the volume.

Worth the Price :

The MIVI Duopods A25’s build quality, look and overall sound quality is quite nice. Well, in the price range of 1200 INR the product quality you will be getting is really good.

According to us, these MIVI Duopods A25s are really worth the price you’ll pay for them.

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