OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition Full Review

OnePlus one after another is launching techs that are in each and every aspect much better than the former bone.  

This time they're then among us with their all-new OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition, which proved to be a successful addition to their preliminarily launched range of Earphones. 

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition

We were successful in getting our hands on this recent Bass Edition Earphones of theirs and have been testing it for quite some time now. Is it worth the hype and price? Or not? 

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z’s Specifications (Bass Edition)

Price:  1999 INR
Manufacturer:   OnePlus
Product Dimensions:  37.5 x 11 x 2.5 cm;
Protection:   IP55 Sweat and Water Resistant
Warranty:  12 Months
Colors Available:   Reverb Red, Bass Blue
Item Weight:  26 g

Inside the Box

The package consists of a OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z Neckband, a C- Type Charging Cable, 2 dyads of redundant observance tips, a stoner companion, and a bond card.

Built Quality

The Bullets Wireless Z Bass Edition Earphones come with 9.2 mm motorists for an enhanced bass effect and richer lyrics. 
One end of the neckband has OnePlus Written on it along with its totem. 
On the other hand, the other end has 3 buttons for adding, dwindling the volume, and a Multi-Purpose Button. It also has a C- type USB harborage on the reverse for charging and an LED index too. 

The earphones have a simple yet majestic look and the red cables on the Reverb Red Edition enhance its look. With the silicone-angled earbuds, they stay put in observance relatively comfortably. 
 The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z are IP55 rated, which means they're sweat-resistant and also resistant to light splashes. 

Pairing Speed

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. 
 The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z automatically powers on and enters connection mode as soon as one separates the earphones and automatically turns off when closed. 


One end of the Earphone has a Multi-Function Button that can be used to Spark Voice Assistant, Answer or Hang Up calls, Reject calls, Play or Break the music, and change the music track. 
  •  One can control these by the following means 
  •  Cranking Voice Assistant Press the Multi-Function Button and hold for 2 seconds to spark voice adjunct. 
  •  Answer a Call Press the Multi-Function Button formerly to answer an incoming call. 
  •  Play/ Pause Press the Multi-Function Button formerly to play/ break music at your convenience. 
  •  Coming Track When playing music, press the Multi-Function Button doubly to play the coming track. 
  •  Former Track When playing music, press the Multi-Function Button thrice to play the former track. 
  •  Adding the Volume Press the button with the‘’ symbol. 
  •  Dwindling the Volume Press the button with the ‘-‘ symbol. 

Sound Quality

We've been using these OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z for quite some time, and we can say that the Sound Quality of these is really really nice. The lyrics are relatively crisp and clear and the bass is also relatively nice. 

Noise Cancelling

As soon as you put these into your observance, you'll notice that around 50 of the noise has been blocked. 
 While harkening to songs on high volume with these on, one might not notice any background noises as well. 

Call Quality

The call quality of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z is really really good. We used these to talk over the phone and our experience was really nice. Still, it doesn't cancel out the loud background noises fully but it minimizes it to the position where the frequenter and receiver both could hear each other’s voice relatively easily. Each over we plant the quality of these over call is relatively satisfying. 

Battery life

The said company claims that a single 10-nanosecond charge gives you 10 hours of music and pictures. And a full charge provides up to 17 hours of battery life. 
 Overusing these for ourselves we plant that the total playback time on these Bullets Wireless Z is around 16-16.5 hours depending upon the volume. 

Worth the Price

Being in the 2000 INR price range that too with bass, we suppose that the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z’s erect quality, look, and overall sound quality are really nice. The Bullets Wireless Z also fits really well in the cognizance. The IP55 water and sweat resistance is also a good addition. 

 According to us, these Bullets Wireless Z's are really worth the price you’ll pay for them.

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