OnePlus Buds Z TWS Full Review - Best Tws under 3000 INR?

OnePlus once again are here among us with their all-new OnePlus Buds Z, which proved to be a successful addition to their previously launched range of Earphones.

OnePlus Buds Z Full Review

We were successful in getting our hands on this recent OnePlus Buds Z of theirs and have been testing it for quite some time now. Is it worth the hype and price? Or not?

Let’s find out together.

OnePlus Buds Z’s Specifications :

  • Price- 2999 INR
  • Manufacturer- OnePlus
  • Product Dimensions- 3.8 x 2.3 cm (earbud) ; 7.5 x 3.6 x 2.9 cm (case);
  • Protection- IP55 Sweat and Water Resistant
  • Warranty- 12 Months
  • Colors Available- White, Grey
  • Item Weight- 4.4g (earbud); 40g (case);

Inside the Box:

The package consists of a OnePlus Buds Z, a C-Type Charging Cable, 2 pairs of extra ear tips, a user guide, and a warranty card.

Built Quality:

The case is somewhat pill-shaped with curved edges and is magnetic. The case has a glossy finish and ONEPLUS written on the outside. The inside of the case is matte along with 2 cutouts for placing the earbuds.

The bottom of the case has all sorts of details regarding the model number and other details about the case.

The case also has an LED indicator on the front which indicates the battery and a C-type USB port on the back for charging along with a setup button for pairing and resetting.

The Buds Z has a simple yet classy look and has an elongated, stem-like design, which makes it easier to wear earbuds. They also have a flat back with a Touch surface on the back along with an LED indicator. With the silicone angled earbuds, they stay put in the ear quite comfortably.

The OnePlus Buds Z are IP55 rated, which means they are sweat and dust resistant and are also resistant to light splashes.

Pairing Speed:

The OnePlus Buds Z uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

The OnePlus Buds Z automatically powers on and enters connection mode as soon as one opens the case and automatically turns off when closed.

If you need to connect the buds with another device, put the buds into the charging box, and press and hold the setup button for 2 seconds. Now search for the buds in Bluetooth settings and tap connect.

Controls :

Both earbuds have Multi-Function touch Button or MFB which can be used to Activate Voice assistants, Answer or Hang Up calls, Reject calls, Play or Pause the music, and change the music track.

One can control these by the following means:

  • Activating Voice Assistant: Set double tap on the OnePlus Phone to start the default voice assistant.
  • Answer a Call: Tap the Multi-Function Button twice to answer an incoming call.
  • Next Track: When playing music, press the Multi-Function Button of left or right buds Z twice to play the next track.

For more options, you might need to download the HeyMelody App from Google Play Store on your device and customize the touch functions,

Sound Quality :

We have been using these OnePlus Buds Z for quite some time, and we can say that the Sound Quality of these is really really good. The vocals are quite crisp and clear and the bass is also very nice.

Noise Cancelling :

As soon as you put these into your ear, you will notice that around 50% of the noise has been blocked.

While listening to songs on high volume with these on, one might not notice any background noises.

Call Quality :

The call quality of the OnePlus Buds Z is really really good. We used these to talk over the phone and our experience was really nice. However, it does not completely cancel out the loud background noises but minimizes them to the level where the caller and receiver both could hear each other’s voice quite clearly. All over we found the quality of these over calls quite satisfying.

Battery life :

Overusing these for ourselves we found that the total playback time on these OnePlus Buds Z is around 4.8-5 hours depending upon the volume. And overall we get up to 19-20 hours of battery life.

Worth the Price :

Being in the 3000 INR price range that too a TWS with bass, we think that the OnePlus Buds Z’s built quality, look and overall sound quality is really nice. The OnePlus Buds Z also fits really well in the ears. The IP55 water and sweat resistance is also a good addition.

According to us, these OnePlus Buds Zs are really worth the price you’ll pay for them.

Thank You so much for reading.

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