Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Loan: Rs 10 per minute.

 If you're currently a Vodafone user, this article is a valuable resource for you. Vodafone, renowned for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction, caters to customers across India, spanning major cities to remote areas. In addition to their existing remarkable features, Vodafone now presents an irresistible offer.

Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Loan: Rs 10 per minute.

Introducing Emergency Talktime Credit for all Vodafone users in India, this offer is designed to be incredibly helpful. Obtaining Emergency Talktime Credit on Vodafone is simple, with two options available: dialling a USSD code or sending an SMS to a predefined number.

In certain circumstances, you may find yourself needing to borrow credit from friends or family members who use Vodafone SIM cards. Consider a scenario where you're low on budget to recharge your phone number, yet you require making an urgent call to a family member or neighbour. While a WhatsApp call requires no money but relies on internet connectivity, not everyone may be familiar with the app, and you might also run out of data balance. In such situations, Vodafone Talktime Credit will be your saviour.

The service operator offers a minimum talk time credit of Rs 10, specifically intended for emergency call balance. Please note that higher amounts such as Rs 100 or Rs 200 are not available under this Emergency Talktime Credit facility.

Criteria for Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit:

  • The Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Plan is applicable when your mobile talktime balance drops to Rs 5 or below.
  • To be eligible for the Emergency Talktime loan, your Vodafone Number must be active for more than 90 days.
  • When repaying the loan to the number that provided it, Vodafone will deduct an additional service charge from your talk time.
  • The borrowed loan amount from another Vodafone Number will be automatically deducted from your account upon your next recharge.

Emergency Talktime Credit Options:

There are multiple options available for obtaining Emergency Talktime Credit with your Vodafone number. You can choose from the following methods:
  1. USSD Code: Dial the designated USSD code 1113# from your mobile keypad and respond to the prompts to request your balance.
  2. SMS: Send an SMS with the keyword "CREDIT" to the predefined number 144 to receive Emergency Talktime Credit on your Vodafone number.
  3. Phone Call: Make a call to the dedicated number 1241 specifically designated for talk time credit, and you will instantly receive Rs 10 as emergency talk time.

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